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Do you believe your voice can create a ripple effect of positivity in the world?

Let this book be your guide, a sign from the universe that you can speak your truth and find your voice!

In the first volume of Voices of Impact, you will read the inspiring stories of 25 Visionary women.

Through their personal journeys of transformation, they have all emerged with a powerful purpose to create a meaningful impact in their lives and businesses.

You will be moved to take inspired action in your own life after reading their stories of courage and overcoming.

Ladies, it's your time to step up, step out and share your vision for impact!


Complied by best-selling author and publisher, Melanie Wood.




Susie Moore

Colleen Dwyer

Jaime Lee Foord

Dr Dee Hacking

Chrissy Harris

Donna Kirkland

Faye Lawrence

Christine Lennon

Karen Macvicar

Cattalia Lee Montgomery

Jodi Porteous

Dori Stewart

Sharon L Bech

Katie Chapman

Dr Carolyn Daniels

Najma Khan

Natalie Lewis

Alissa Meechan

Kären Moroney

Lorrayne Robbinz

Dr Libby Roesner

Vicki Tate

Danni Vee

Camilla Ward

Rhonda Whiteley

Voices of Impact - Volume 1 - Co-Author Susie Moore

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