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About Me

Susie Moore is a Certified Business Architecture (CBA)® Practitioner, who is passionate about helping visionary leaders bring their strategies to life through the process of blueprinting. Susie has over 16 years of experience across many industries including oil, gas, mining, banking, government agencies, utilities, entertainment, and not-for-profit.



Throughout her career she has collected an array of specialist skillsets, practices and experiences:

  • Providing a shared framework to connect the work from all levels of the organisation

  • Ability to transition between business & technical conversations easily

  • Synthesise complex problems and translate appropriately to senior stakeholders

  • Collaborate with a wide range of stakeholders

  • Deliver through difficult situations and environments

She lives for the moment of clarity when faces are illuminated and the energy shifts from resisting to leaning in.  Susie has garnered respect from many leaders and teams she has served, past and present, with a reputation for guiding through complexity.



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