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Interview with Archist

Business Architecture Fireside Chat; A day in a life of a business architecture practitioner

This fireside chat explores the practical aspects of the role of business architect and its value on the ground working with different stakeholders in a variety of engagements and business scenarios.

There are 5 episodes in this series with episode 1 focusing on the value of business architecture and setting the stage to deep dive into the interactions that a business architect might have on a day-to-day basis with three different personas, namely leaders (episode 2), project teams (episode 3), and subject matter experts (episode 4). Episode 5 wraps up the conservation with a quick look into what the future holds for the business architecture discipline and the role of business architect.

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Business Accelerator Services

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Coming soon

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The Delivery Crew

Step into the dynamic world of "The Delivery Crew" a powerhouse team of program and project specialists. Fueled by a common purpose, we harness our skills and dedication to empower not-for-profit organisations and purpose-driven social enterprises to execute their strategies and delivering impactful digital projects.

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The dynamic collaboration between uberorganised and moore2it creates a forward thinking approach helping organisations navigate complex challenges for today's ever-evolving landscape

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